The Fit Hut Is More than Just a Gym

Maybe you have tried to lose weight before but struggled to find a plan that fits with your busy lifestyle.


Maybe you have achieved some weight loss, but struggled to keep it off due to life getting in the way.

The Fit Hut is more than just a gym, it’s a family! Our main aim is to help our members of all shapes, sizes and age realise their fitness potential.We help you map out your goals providing you with a plan to fit your own lifestyle.We totally understand how difficult it can be to not only get in shape, but to have the confidence to even start and then stay motivated. That’s why we go the extra mile for everyone that joins us, providing you your own personal road map and flexible booking system so that whatever comes up during your day, we can help you keep on track.

About Joanna Regardsoe

Joanna Regardsoe

Coach & Pi​​​​lates Instructor

Hi, I’m Jo Regardsoe and for 15 years I’ve specialised in Women’s Health, Strength Training and Pilates. However without sounding too cliché, I just love fitness and helping people see their real potential. It’s in my DNA.

The human body is fascinating; there is so much to learn and so many ways that you can train both your mind and body. I am continually learning and adapting with every client that I meet and helping them find the right approach for them for long-term results.

I opened my own Fitness Studio – the Fit Hut, in Potten End, Hertfordshire in 2018. I am proud to say, that many years of running around like a looney has paid off and the Fit Hut has become a fun, buzzing and friendly community of amazing people that keep coming back for more!! All I have ever wanted is to have a place where people can come, get in great shape, feel fab, feel comfortable and most importantly want to invite their friends and family too.

When it comes to finding the best route to success for you, I will always look to achieve the maximal possible result with the least possible change. The less impact training has on your life, the more chance we have of success together. So don’t worry, wine is not only acceptable, it is sometimes encouraged! There will be no banned foods, no feeling guilty for meal choices and no going hungry! I want you to enjoy your fitness journey as much as I enjoy coaching you!


I have worked with a wide range of people from Physique Athletes and Racing Drivers to everyday people like you and me – women and men who are striving to improve their body image & build a better relationship with their diet and exercise. Working together, we ensure every nutrition and training programme is 100% specific to the individual, guaranteeing success in the most sustainable way possible. Together we get results that last, not just for 5 minutes.

Another great demographic I love working with is the Older Adult, whom I call my Super Seniors!! My eldest being 91 years young, all of them are certainly proving that AGE IS NOT AN EXCUSE. And all of which are a breath of fresh air. They love the exercise and how it keeps them strong and mobile, but best of all they love the Fit Hut community!

Lift Lean

Our most popular small group Personal Training programme, Lift Lean offers personalised strength training programming in a small group setting. With only 5 to a session, feel part of a team all working together on your own individual goals. Choose from a variety of training times at our small private studio and receive 1-2-1 attention from your instructor – no more wondering if you are doing the moves incorrectly as they are on hand to make sure you are getting the most out of every session!


If you’re looking for something more low impact to calm the mind and recharge the body, we offer online live Pilates classes with Jo who has over 15 years of teaching Pilates to all levels. These classes target your core, strengthen and lengthen your muscles, improve mobility, flexibility and prevent injury. With a variety of teaching styles including Pilates flow, Power & strength, intervals, you will never be bored!


For those who like a mix up of different workouts and want to ramp up their fat loss goals, we have regular HIIT sessions running weekly both online and in-house – get your heart rate up with our fun friendly fast paced sessions. Giving you the kick you need in all the right places using a mixture of  bodyweight and cardio moves. Popular with people of all ages, each weekly class will always be different to the one before, so there’s something for everybody in this body blitzing blast.

Personal Training

Do you want to have your coach exclusive to yourself? Whilst you enjoy the benefit of not having to wait for any equipment in a busy gym you also have the luxury of not having to share your trainer with anyone else. Choose either to have live coaching online or come to our friendly studio in Potten End, Hemel Hempstead and follow an exclusive personalised programme with weekly goals and check-ins with your trainer.

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“I started at the fit-hut to try and lose weight and get fit after being in a 6 year, cake eating, wine drinking sofa hugging rut. Jo’s positive attitude and always smiling, friendly welcome makes for a great start. The sessions are hard but fun and even when i’m completely done for I leave with a smile on my face and look forward to coming back for more. Best thing i ever did joining the fit-hut.”

Phil Berrie

“I’m 56 and never enjoyed exercise. I have joined traditional Gyms at least 3 times in my life and found myself paying and not going. I joined Fit Hut because I wanted to take part in the Women’s Challenge Group and the pilates classes. Before joining I was finding myself being increasing less flexible and suffering from pain in my knees and my hips and my lower back. Under Jo’s guidance I have gained confidence and become far more flexible than when I joined. Every session Jo and her team vary the circuit training so it is never boring and I find that the company and support of the other women is what keeps me going regularly. I really enjoy the Pilates which is a really nice friendly and uncompetitive group and have successfully encouraged my husband to come with me to.”

Melanie & Richard Collis

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